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I am equally at home conducting symphony orchestras, opera, ballet, chamber ensembles, choirs or playing the piano in chamber music including vocal recitals.


In addition to what is considered the standard repertoire I have a vital interest in new music and love working with live composers. I enjoy working with young people, having conducted many youth orchestras and also was a Lecturer at the Sir Zelman Cowan School of Music at Monash University where I helped many young performers prepare for their lives as musicians. I have conducted over 50 first performances including the premiere of Richard Meale’s opera Mer de Glace at the Sydney Opera House. You can browse through my performed and recorded repertoire in various categories by following the links in this document.

I was born in the hills of Arkansas (USA) but now live in Melbourne Australia. My love of music has covered the world including having performed in 49 of the 50 states of the USA, Canada, Mexico, Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Greece, Israel, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, England, Scotland, Ireland and Tasmania.

My very favorite music is whatever I am conducting or playing at the time. My favorite relaxation is competitive bridge anywhere in the world as well as online.


If you'd like to read my complete CV, download the PDF using the button below.

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