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Dobbs Franks – Life Coach

Dobbs Franks – Life Coach

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You have it within you to live your dream...

...but you need more than just well-meaning advice – you could also do with a coach. Someone to help you examine your life so you can begin living your own dream today, without reservation. I know this, because I have made that journey myself.


The year I spent training to become a Qualified Life Coach with Paul Blackburn of Beyond Success, helped me to unlock my well-submerged dreams and discover how to be blissfully happy and productive. I had no idea what I was getting myself into – my whole life changed!


Since I made that journey in 2012 it has allowed me to give of my love and caring for those who have been my clients in a way that I would have never imagined. I am delighted to offer you my dedication, as your coach, and to help you change your own life too!


To follow your dream(s) and to find the courage to live your life accordingly, your first step is to contact me by clicking on the blue button below. 


Your second step is to fasten your seatbelt – you have no idea what you're getting yourself into!


"For me, Dobbs Franks is the most extraordinary human being that I have ever met. He enjoys the simplest of moments while achieving his goals with ease and consistency. His coaching has helped me uncover the very best aspects of myself, as well as the ability to influence the world around me. It is through learning Dobbs’s philosophy that I have come to see what I am truly capable of."

Joshua Van Asha,

Relationship Mastery Consultant

"A coaching session with Dobbs is more than mentoring or teaching.  It’s an experience to be savoured, the pearls of wisdom coming firstly in a cascade and thereafter continuing to announce themselves subtly over the months and years following."

Paul Blackburn,

Founder of Beyond Success

"I know Dobbs Franks not as a successful musician and conductor. I know Dobbs Franks as a man whose strength is borne of his willingness to be vulnerable. I know Dobbs Franks as a man whose wisdom is not borne of his age but rather his ability to listen. I know Dobbs Franks as a man who finds himself not in his ego but rather his ability to embrace his imperfections. I know Dobbs Franks because his self-honesty has allowed me to understand and appreciate him. As his coach for some four years I would often walk away from our sessions having a deeper understanding of who he is and remarkably, who I am. I attribute this to Dobbs uncanny ability to create a safe place where people can feel vulnerable yet safe. An environment that promotes honesty without judgement. Dobbs' ability to create such an environment is an essential ingredient if you're seeking a musical mentor or coach because you might just discover that the hinderance to your professional growth may not be in the way your fingers play your music, but in the way the music plays in your head. Aspiring musicians, I commend to you Dobbs Franks."
Mick Cornish,
Coach and friend


If you'd like to talk to me about coaching, I'd love to have a chat with you. Please reach out to me initially by using my contact form.

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