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Dobbs Franks - So, you want to be a musician…

Dobbs Franks - So, you want to be a musician…

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So, you want to be a musician…


If so, then this is the book for you. It's filled with invaluable life lessons and professional insights from devoting my whole life and passion to the art of making music.


Since graduating from the renowned Julliard School of Music, I have enjoyed a rich and diverse artistic career crafting and performing professional music across the globe for over 60 years. I share with you my significant and life altering moments that will provide insight, wisdom and guidance for those who aspire to embrace and include making music as part of their journey.

If you dream of making music for the rest of your life, this book gives ideas and inspiration to help you pursue this crazy but fantastic way of life.

Click here to read the Table of Contents and the Foreword by Paul Blackburn.


"After a lifetime of working in music and the theatre, Dobbs Franks brings to this book a treasury of wisdom born of magnificent experience and achievement. He is an incomparable working musician and teacher and offers a lifetime of valuable information born of his extraordinary success right across the industry. We are deeply in his debt for this book!"

Peter Burch,

retired Victorian head of Musica Viva Australia and former music critic for The Australian

"This is a book which should be read by everyone contemplating a life in music, and indeed for anyone already on the journey. It is written by a brilliant artist with rare and practical insights into the profession. I can't think of anyone more experienced in the many facets of art music, and over so many years. It tells the truth about life as a musician, and at the same time is inspirational."

Tony Gould,


"If you are interested in music, if you are interested in life, then Dobbs Franks memoir Unsolicited Advice will help you step to the rhythm of life conducting yourself with wit, grit and grace. A great read!"

Glenn Capelli,

BA Dip Ed CSP Sir Winston Churchill Fellow
Author of Thinking Caps and Thinking Learning Classroom

"Written with good humour and perceptive insights gained from his long, successful and multi-faceted career in music, Dobbs’ gentle manner and wise words are a ‘must read’ for aspiring musicians and their families."

Dorit Herskovits,

double bassist

"Dobbs Franks is a generous man - it shows in all he does. So naturally his book is frank, insightful, helpful, a great read... and most of all, his no holds barred generous nature shines through on every page."

Beverley Parrish
Marketing Consultant

"A spectacular journey as you follow my brother from small towns in Arkansas through a Methodist College with his piano to New York and his conducting to the World Stage of musicals, opera, ballet, and orchestras. Our sister, Ann, and I shared the unconditional love and support from our parents even though our actions in different ways gave them reasons to be concerned. One note of caution as you read his down-home recommendations—None of us were ever very good at heeding advice from others!"

Don Franks,

May, 2018 (only one of the Franks kids under 80 on this date)


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