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Dobbs Franks – Professional Speaking

Dobbs Franks – Professional Speaking

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The genius of an effective conference is the shared experience.


The power of words and shared experiences can help move people to a much happier place in their lives and their careers. My passion for speaking is to share with your audience my own experiences and help them find their own courage to live their dream.


As a conductor, I am often responsible to a team of up to 100 people of diverse ages, backgrounds and expertise. They each do their specific jobs better than I can – so how do I to elicit the best from each of them?

I'll let you in on a little secret: I encourage my musicians to concentrate on helping each other to pursue their own dreams – while at the same time all working together for a common goal. This is the basis of what I accent in my talk 'How to become the best leader of a team - without anyone noticing'.

The purpose in my speeches is always to challenge the audience to have the courage to dream their dream and apply it to their jobs and challenges.

Please click the blue button below to contact me directly. I would love to help you make your next event life-changing for your audience.


"I had the pleasure of having Dobbs Franks present at our National Conference
and the presentation/interview was simply fantastic. His stories and messages resonated,
giving thoughtful learning about the rhythm of life, leadership and zest to everyone.
His finale had the whole room up and into action… a beautifully constructed and conducted Conference highlight!

Glenn Capelli,

CSP Sir Winston Churchill Fellow
Speaker Hall of Fame Member


If you'd like to book me to come and speak at your upcoming event, I'd love to have a chat with you. Please contact me initially by using my contact form.

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